1. SNUFF-MATE is the original snuff-board. A high-quality product perfect for all your snuff requirements. A crafted stainless steel, polished surface upon a 2.5cm thick solid wooden base.

  2. Our best-selling all-in-one unit features a card holder and 6 tube holders, placed perfectly within reach on the surface for convenient storage. Comes with free high-quality branded card.
  3. Swipe your snuff into one or more of the 6 grooves in each of the groove sets for perfect, equal measures every time! 3 different groove sizes – small, medium and large, whatever your mood, it’s your choice! 6 grooves for each set, totalling 18 grooves.
  4. Knock and tilt-resistant – the grooves will keep your snuff held in place if the board is bumped or slightly angled meaning it won’t easily fall out… great at festivals etc.
  5. Crafted from scratch and made to order in our UK workshop. Shipped with a protective film for a perfect ready-to-go surface, remember to remove the film before use.


SNUFF-MATE is an all-in-one solution to your snuff requirements. Each unit is individually machined to the very highest quality for an impressive, premium-feeling finish.

The base is a weighty single wooden piece providing a great, sturdy platform to work with. The stainless steel surface is highly polished, smooth and slippery, allowing you to manage your snuff with no mess or wastage. These grooves are able to hold your snuff in position even when held at a slight angle, this helps keep things from moving around if the board is accidentally tilted or knocked – great for festivals or occasions of busy surroundings and bump hazards. The large surface area provides ample working space too, so there’s no chance you’ll run out of room and risk losing your snuff over the edge.

SNUFF-MATE is carefully and thoughtfully crafted to provide some really useful, ergonomic features not found on other snuff boards:

Choose from three different sizes of your favourite snuff simply by filling one or more of the grooves for a perfect, easy and no-fuss snuff delivery. Each groove set provides identical and perfectly measured results every time. Small, medium or large… it’s your choice!

Self-contained storage right on top of the board means you can keep your tubes and card held in place nicely within reach for your convenience.

This really is your on-stop-shop for your fuss-free, tidy and ultra-economical snuff enjoyment. An overall pleasure to use and it looks great too!

Each unit is individually and lovingly crafted-to-order in our workshop, please allow 4 days dispatch time on all Snuff Board products.

Overall surface area of SNUFF-MATE: 300x200mm. Thickness (depth of wooden base): 25mm

Beware of imitation products! Some similar snuff boards have poor quality card holders, no tube holders, badly machined surfaces or splintery wooden bases. Look out for the original SNUFF BOARDS logo.

We will dispatch via Royal Mail 2nd Class.


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Weight 1.25 kg

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